Rebirth 2.01 To Vst Instrument ?


I know that Propellerhead Rebirth RB-338 2.01 is a audio tool made in '98 but I use it because I love it :slight_smile: Today, it is Freeware and I would like to know if it exists a software allowing to convert Rebirth 2.01 to VST Instrument so that I can use it under Renoise 2 ? If else, is there a coder who could make this genius tool ?

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I would be surprised if there wherent plenty of 303 vsti emulators around

Exact. There are 303 vsti emulators. But I love “Rebirth v2.01” and his Mods, I prefer :slight_smile:


You can use Rebirth in Renoise with midi sync.
Renoise Master Clock -> Midi Yoke Out 1
Midi Yoke In 1 -> Rebirth

Rebirth allows to controll paterns from computer’s (or midi) keyboard, so You can compose song in Renoise with Rebirth drum or 303 patterns. Controling Rebirth by midi from Renoise.

Ok, thank you, I didn’t know that using “Midi Yoke” could play sound from Rebirth 2.01 under Renoise 2 :slight_smile: But, after having configured & read the manual, how to use “Midi Yoke” ? I tried, I configured “In & Out” but how to use the sound from Rebirth v2.01 in Renoise 2 ?

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PS : I noticed that I can use “Midi Yoke” in “Synapse Audio Orion v7” too :slight_smile: