Rebirth 338 For Free

Propellerheads decided to shut down the support for Rebirth. They offer the program for free now…

I just became a fan of ReWire support in Renoise…

d/l it right now. 80% ready at 7-20 kb/s.

if you need a torrent:

amazing and pity on the same tim! thanx for posting these news! :)

Downloading this in two minutes. I like how the history gives a shoutout to Cybotron’s Clear record. anyway, hopefully after I install this the main window containing the 303s 808, and 909 will be large enough to see this time. I played with a cracked version a couple of years ago and was disappointed by the small view. ;)

well, ReBirth might be useful for creating these nice 303 patterns but nowadays there are lots of nice VST instruments which can do the job…

anyway… its nice program and i can have some fun with it : )

Like NULA already said: There are several VSTi’s that can emulate a 303.

Ultimately what you want is the ReWire support. Too bad it didn’t rank well in the initial feature vote. But for 303 bleeps try Muon Tau for example. You can download it here. Get the “Muon Collection” which includes the full original Tau.


Does anyone know if it is possible to convert the rbs files to wav? The ‘export loop as audio file’ option doesn’t work for some reason… :unsure:


At least the last time I tried Rebirth, it was possible to sync it up to Renoise through MIDI sync. But as already said, using Tau or something is way easier. With MIDI sync there is no way to directly record the audio from Rebirt.

Hehe, you guys are right in that it’s much easier to use a vsti, like Tau or Audiorealism’s Bass Line. But I don’t know. I played around with Rebirth today and realised how much I like the way it sounds. I don’t care that much whether it’s true to the original or not (many claims Audiorealism’s emulation is the best out there today), but there’s something about the sound which I really like. The output of the 303:s in the program very often sound appealing to me, and when using it with the distortion using some “shape” it sounds pretty fm-digital and edgy. ;) And now we get this for free! :yeah:

The more I think about it, the more I want Renoise as a ReWire-master. :P

Btw, since I haven’t used Rewire much, if Renoise had the support, could you play notes on the 303:s directly from Renoise or is it only possible to change the patterns from Renoise?