Rebirth Rb-338 Emulator

Could that be doable?
I’m a big fan of Propellerheads Reason, but the fact that it can’t act as a rewire-host, except for with Rebirth, pisses me off. I love the functionality I have with rewiring Reason into Renoise, but I’d like to route audio from Renoise into Reason instead. The Rebirth input device is the only way to rewire audio into Reason. Is there a way to let Renoise emulate Rebirth, so that we could route audio through the Rebirth input device? The device has an input for each 303, each of the drummachines, and one for each seperate drum. I guess they’re all mono inputs.
As you prolly know, when using Rebirth alongside a rewire host, you can’t sequence the 303’s/drums in the host. You have to pre-program everything, but everything syncs up perfectly when you hit play on either app. This is basically all we’d need with Renoise aswell.

Whaddaya think? :blink:

I’d like to see some efforts to create a native DSP chain that emulates the 303. If we can’t get the timbre quite right, I’m pretty sure everything else could be spot-on.

Accent could be a velocity that resets an LFO to trigger additional gain.

dblue’s ringmod based native DSP synth as the source

ADSR controlled by LFO and pattern commands/effects

It could be better than a 303 :)

/me puts on drama repellent suit

I have a feeling I’m going to regret this, but what the heck:

Yes, a native 303 would be awesome!


and about the OP first post:


Why not? I mean even if something you do not need or like is there, doesn’t mean you are forced to use it, you know.

please no fixed bloat that can be found dime a dozen in the vsti domain, but give us (modular)building blocks so we are flexible to build whatever!

Then you could have your tb303 preset and be happy, but it isn’t a fixed part of Renoise.

Maybe in due time, luajit will hit the streets and this too can bring mo synths to the vsti-less-linux massive, but to conclude, as said many times before, I rather see modular building blocks then a 303 tab.


Was I that unclear?
I didn’t want another 303-emulator. There are several VSTi’s that does that job. I ‘just’ wanted a “hack” that emulates Rebirth in the handshake-process, so that we can exploit the “Rebirth input device” in Reason. -Giving us audio inputs in Reason, from Renoise and perfect sync. The new mixer in Reason is amazing.

So you want us to hack Renoise to emulate Rebirth when Reason attempts to make contact with it, so that Reason thinks Renoise is really an instance of Rebirth?

Sorry, but this is not gonna happen.

End of story.



I apologise if that sounded a bit harsh, but, yeah… adding these kind of random hacks into Renoise is really not our focus. Sorry.

i use that old noistracekr in that days where it is released,
that 303 is brilliant indeed… really nice sound and very usable

Why do people not get this: VSTi are not available for all platforms! I get this remark, no matter what I suggest and has been implemented in some Windows VST.

But I agree, a modular thing would of course be the prefferred solution. (now where are the people telling me that there are also plenty of windows vst for that? :) )

Hence, why I said:

Vsti aren’t available for all platforms!

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On the Renoise site, but you could always try to convince the Reason folks to support ReWire in Reason.
They are the founder of ReWire so what damn excuse do they have to not support it in some of their products? Is ReWire still that bad? (Provoke them a bit)

modding to use your ring-mod based native synth :)

Been trying to find I think it was a Bit Arts post of a native 303 clone but have come up short so far. Anybody know what I’m talking about and better at searching?

EDIT: Found it but forgot about him getting in a grump and not only flouncing but also deleting all the useful content so doesn’t help much. Anyway…

Post #3 in this thread, and it links to your webserver…

Serves me right for not reading properly. Clicked the link but only looked at the title of the thread and not the contents of the post it linked to ;)