Rebirth RB-338 Kinda/Sorta Emulator

Spent some time this AM doing my best to remember how that software got me hooked on those sounds back in '98 or '99. I found an 808 sample pack that sounds pretty darn close to the software’s 808 sounds, and I spent some time trying out different waveforms until I got close enough to the software’s sound. Has a 303 Square and a 303 Saw.

Have fun!

Rebirth-esque 303 303 808.xrns (107.5 KB)


Look not so bad

Seem to be a “portable” VSTI…I continue to think that Renoise files could pack portable VSTs into them

But would be playable on Windows uniquely😅

or on Linux via Wine

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Yeah, that’s a cool VST. I’m on a Mac and having fun with stock Renoise instruments/effects/Tools. I don’t use plugins in my tracks.


I sampled much of the 303 part of the RB-338 back in the day, can share the samples.
Just dropped the .wav files into a .xrns for easy upload, attached below:

RB338_303_Samples.xrns (561.0 KB)

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I have forgotten this legendary software…

I don’t remember if we can send notes via a midi keyboard

303 original sequencing is a pain

nice demo loop!

sounds good mang :fire:

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Thanks @slujr - was fun recollecting how it sounded coming out of a windows 95 computer on the soundblaster :smile: