Rec Sync. I Dont Get It!

Hello, I dont get how you could record somthing in renoise from a hardware device and get the recoeded audio to fit 100%…I treid to use the sync start and stop but this seams strange, is is true that I have to sit an wait looking at a green line to hit start on the right time? . The recordings Ive done all ends up with something from the last pattern in the begning.

“If you use the quantization (Sync start/stop) option, start to play the pattern first before hitting the start button. A green progress line starts running to show current pattern progress. You can now time your actions upon what the pattern plays and if you are ready, click start or hit enter and the next pattern start will start your recording. To quit hit enter again or click stop and your recording stops on the next pattern start.” This Ive treid 100 times but I must be doing somthing wrong…

this is what i do…

  1. I go to sample editor
  2. I pres the little rec ikon (set pattern sync )
  3. I start the song
    4.I stop the song when the pattern has playd its notes
  4. I lokk at the recording and it always has notes/sounds from the note just before the recording was suposed to have started…What am I missing??


Between 3 and 4, do you wait till the green line has finished playing the particular pattern?

This is what supposed to happen:
You start the recording, you start to play the song or pattern, nothing is recorded now, when the pattern has reached its end the next sequence starts or the pattern replays, but now the recording is initiated and all your audio input should get recorded. When you stop recording, the recorder will not stop recording audio any earlier than when the pattern has been finished.

If you start the song when pattern sync is on, recording should not start earlier than the next replay or sequencer position, however, you can always have some audio on the end that you probably don’t want in it, but synchronized recording is based upon the start and end of a pattern position.

A good thing would be if it was possible to see the ‘rec window’ when viewing the pattern sequencer, so that you can follow the patterns. That would make looong recordings much easier.
And a function like ‘Start recording when press play (space)’ in the Rec window would be nice!

Maybe post this in Ideas & suggestions to…


I also wanted to see the sequencer together with the record box.
but it seems to be a big hack to make it loose.

It would be great to just bring up the record box anywhere, anytime with a key combo.
and maybe in the view dropdown menu. and just be able to drag it around to places it won’t nag you.

It would also be nice if it could just sync recording to the play button as well as sync to patterns. As it is right now I have to put an empty pattern in front of a block of patterns I want to record. Minor pain I understand but it seems like it would be easy to say “start recording when I hit play, stop at the end of the pattern after I hit stop” no?