Recomend Me A Chaep Dj Mixer

i want a cheap rack mountable dj mixer where i can connect compressors and eqs(hardware)can any1 recommend me some cheap ones

EDIT:im gonna use it as a studio mixer

i have a roland m160 mixer,but that one doesent have master inserts,but maybe there is a way i cant connect the above mentioned effects.

what im trying to do,is make a “hybrid” set up with both ITB and OTB mixing

How cheap is cheap?

Look at second hand Urei and Ecler for reasonable priced and still good quality/sounds. Maybe slight above “cheap” though…

EDIT: Spelling.

cheap as in peanuts :rolleyes:

Try explaining a bit more clearly what you want to do through it.

Connecting compressors and EQS usually implies Sends. Most DJ mixers have none.

Many cheap as chip DJ mixers sound absolutely terrible!

i actually think i will just be using my roland m160 and see if i can figure out a way to be able to connect comps and eqs,