Recommend an Audio Device that supports multiple devices

Hi all,

I’m looking to add more inputs to my studio to support more hardware synths and rather than get a patch bay, I’d rather just have them all hooked up simultaneously. A friend of mine mentioned that certain audio devices support the addition of a second identical device which pretty much just adds more inputs while the software driver treats both devices as one big device. Currently I have an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra and I can’t find any info online as to whether or not it is possible to do this or not. I’m open to buying new devices, but wondering if anyone out there has done this and if you have any recommendations as to which manufacturer/model would work. I’m open to slightly older gear that would work if that means saving a few bucks.

Ultimately, I’d say my goal would be to have around 16 inputs so I can hook up 8 stereo synths. Currently using a line device in Renoise works great for composing and mixing the hardware synths “live” and it’s a fun new challenge compared to soft synths.



For your further research: I think your card should be able to sync with another capable device via the coax spdif input and the right driver settings. Look into the manual, and in the m-audio tool at the clock rate options (there should be an option somewhere to sync with spdif). Besides the sample rate sync it would also mean having a sound link between the devices. Or it could probably send a sync signal to another capable device via the spdif output. Other card manufacturers could include different dedicated solutions for syncing 2 or more cards, I think motu or so, but I’m not sure right now. Another m-audio sdpif syncing enabled device is probably the safest bet. Syncing is necessary for pro work, so both cards run in sync at the same sample rate without drifting. Software solutions for doing this would require resampling or cause dropouts or software issues, unacceptable for audio production tasks other than noncritical monitoring.

I have no clue though how this would be further set up under windows or mac (for having the outputs and inputs as one big device), I only use linux.

i you want to process each input individualy with dsp effects , a mutliple input interface is the way to go …

If you are satisfied with just a stereo input and just wat to hook up more hardware , a dedicated line mixer is also an option ,it seems 'rane ’ is good …,art =cheap and decent


Motu have been making stuff like this for years, so an older model may be easy to find. Maybe old RME stuff if you can find it for a good price (just check the drivers first!)

But I will second the advice of looking into an addon through spdif or something, most interfaces are listing 16/16 IO when really it’s 8/8 on board with optional IO through spdif or something.

I have the same sort of problem, but I’m approaching it in a slightly different way in that I have a usb mixer that also doubles as an audio interface. The one I have is a cheap 6 in thing I got for GBP 80. it’s not bad, but it isn’t great. As I’m needing more inputs, I’m looking at either a Soundcraft Signature 10 usb mixer/audio interface for GBP 200 or an Allen and Heath Zed1 10fx (same sort of thing) for GBP 239 they’re both looking good from the reviews I’ve read. You get more inputs than you would from a straightforward audio interface, plus they have eg, effects etc. Would that sort of option be any good to you?

At least RME UFX can be mixed up together and form a single audio device to your DAW.
Even RME UFX and UC can be mixed up together.