Recommend Audio Vst Monitors ?

I was looking to get some reliable monitors before diving in the world of vst instruments and effects.

I’m looking at schOPE and Spectro (developer: schwa).

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I’m using the Visualizer MusicTech Edition, which is a cutdown version of their professional metering plugin. Besides RMS levels it also offers a phase meter, which was important for me.

seems to have disappeared :(

Hmm… to bad. I’d maybe shared it, but it uses a serial.

Reading through Stillwell Audio Forums on schOPE, MultiInspectorFree was mentioned and compared to schOPE’s routing…

I have MultiInspectorFree, suggested from one of the threads here. I like its multiple instance detection.

I don’t think its possible in Renoise (unless I missed something) to route different tracks to different schOPE channels (one instance of schOPE), maybe this function will change in the future…

Demoed Visualizer, lagged on my computer though…

Free phase meter… windows

Free phase meter… mac/windows