Recommend Me Some Psy-Trance Or Old Skool Trance

so i was thinking i don’t have that much psy-trance, i wouldn’t mind getting a couple more mixes or albums which people who know this genre really rate, rather than wading through generic goa cds. i already have astral projection - dancing galaxy, shpongle - nothing lasts…, infected mushroom - converting vegetarians. i’m also interested in old skool trance, or basically any more serious trance which is psychedelic or takes you on a journey but nothing too cheesey or pop. mixes or albums like i said. any suggestions?

Try Man with no name or Art of trance

There are so many!
Grab the classics at least - Hallucinogen (any), MFG (three first from Phonokol), Pleiadians (Dragonfly stuff), Planet B.E.N. - Trippy Future Garden, Ololiuqui - Ololiqui and Valves, BotfB - Twin Sharfins, Dimension 5 - Transdimensional (a bit cheesy but oh so swirly), Cosmosis - Cosmology, Man with no Name - Moment of Truth, KoxBox - The Great Unknown, UX - Ultimate Expreience, Transwave - Phototropic, Etnica - Equator…

Blue Room and Dragonfly records released some marvelous stuff.

Also check out Destination Goa and Goa Inside series, some! real gems there.

Most of these are probably more or less impossible to obtain as a hard copy, so you need to, you know… But grab them if you can!

Am I being too ancient here?

Not hugely my thing but did like some Goa stuff through mid 90’s. As Kameleontti said Dragonfly were always a very good label. Think it was the Order Odonata series that may be a nice introduction, or anything by Hallucinogen.

Eat Static (early stuff.)
Juno Reactor
I know I ha a third that hasn’t be mentioned but it’s just evaporated from my brain…

thanks i will check these out

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

dragonfly, transient, tip, blue room, exogenic, psy-harmonics…too much to remember.
ill check out my MiniDisks from mid 90’s thru when i get home…

cheers, cAMEL

Matsuri records/productions!

example track: Power Source - Goaway

One of my fav. trance tracks is Lost Tribe - Gamemaster.
Both the original and remixes are on the tube.
Personally like this one quite a lot: Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Micheal Woods Remix)