Recommendations For Synths...

I’m currently hunting out software synths for making customised and well-textured soundscapes, and I wondered if anyone had any recommendations.

I quite like the “Ultran” synth in Orion Platinum, but that only comes with the entire studio package, not seperately, and I already own a decent sequencer… ;)

I’ve read good things about “Cameleon 5000” and Spectrasonics “Atmosphere” synth. I think there’s demos for both which I can try out.

But I wondered whether people could recommend any good soft synths which could be useful for creating good soundscapes and atmospherics?

virsyn tera

go to krakli here and check the free synth page for vurtbox and gargoyle and then go to ugo and get motion and texture. the best free ones you can get, believe me.

Thanks guys, I’ve been playing with those, along with demos for a few others like Rhino, which has some nice presets with it.

looza: Ugo’s “Motion” synth is amazing. I’ve tried out synths priced over the $100 mark that didn’t sound as good as Motion. :huh:

yeah, I was very surprised myself when I found that out … those two are really amazing.

sounds great ! yummy !!
(thanks! :)