Recommended Freeware Vst-plugins

Kilohearts also give out Snap Heap which you can use with the essentials.


But that seems to be a subscription then :cry: At least if I select paypal. Weird.

I just got a full free license for it without doing any subscription/payment details, just leave it on creditcard, it won’t ask you details as it’s 0 dollars.

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Not sure if already mentioned, but the recent “Deelay” plugin sounds awesome and is free:

Roland have discontinued their Concerto rompler and its sounds packs so they are free to download, I can recommend trying the Orchestral, Sugar and Tera guitar packs.


Novation has just released for free the V-Station and B-Station plugins. So now they are totally free. You only need to download a license file to activate them. The reason is the decatalogation, but they can still be interesting for many people who use Windows, for example.

Novation used to include the licenses for these plugins when a customer purchased a hardware MIDI device. I think you do not need to register or enter any personal data…


In effect,seem very interesting

Here’s my latest VST plugin i just finished:

It’s an effect VST to boost the low frequency range of all kind of bass sounds, but it also works great on other sound sources like drums and drum loops.

You can download it for free here:

Please note: it’s only compatible to Windows. Available as 32 bit and 64 bit VST2 and 64 bit VST3.

You also can find some more free VST plugins on my site:


“Supermassive” is a “Processor” from my point of view…I think Its a trap to use “Magic” processor…

Using basic effects + automation is a solid way to really understand the sound

“À vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire” Pierre Corneille


  • Up to 600 grains (depending on your CPU).
  • 4 grain generation streams with independent parameters.
  • Modulation system with LFOs, Macros and parameter randomization.
  • High quality grain pitch transposition (+/- 24 semitones).
  • Freeze buffer contents.
  • Built-in help (hover over controls and see text at the bottom).
  • Resizable UI.
  • VST3 and AU format available.