Recommended Freeware Vst-plugins

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Hi there,

this list was created 2 years ago. It is not an actual, but a long list. :slight_smile:
More than 200 VstFx, sorted by categories.

See the list

A list of free Vsti, I will sent soon.

Another archive is

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Here’s a resource for 8-bit (‘chiptune’) VSTIs:

Basic 64, Unknown 64, Medusa, and Famisynth are among my favorites.

For VST guitar effects and ampsims, check out: (some outstanding distortion boxes, 2 of which are free) (some great ampsims and stuff) (these are excellent) (very good sims and stompboxes, very light on CPU)

Slim Slow Slider’s Compact Distortion is also worth a listen.

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many a thanx for this!!!

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Everybody knows antares autotune.

As this costs money try GSnap.

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[quote=“Foo?, post:2, topic:22645”]

Tessla - Amp saturation, quality.

Hey, do you have a link for this plug? or is it just under KVR?

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Do these work with Mac also? Dont see any specifications on the site, and dont want to go through the ordeal of a rapidshare DL if they just for PC,lol

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nope, pc only

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aw :(

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Here’s the Tessla website:

Actually, all of “Bootsie’s” effects are quite good.

+1 on not only GSnap, but all of the ‘g’ effects.

A couple of the other ‘must-have’ bundles are MDA, and Kjaerhus (Classic). Oh, check out smartelectronix, too.

I’d say, just go through the ‘top’ lists at KVRAudio, to get an idea of what a lot of people like. Then, go to the search screen and set it up for whatever you’re looking for at the moment.

There’s so much great stuff, i can’t remember all of it. lol

Oh, i don’t know if it’s already been mentioned, but perhaps the most popular free VST is ‘glitch’

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Hey Mr Blitz!! Check this out!!! :walkman:

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Tarek, that’s some great stuff! thanks for the link…

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I recommend anything by Tweakbench, because of the fact that his plug-ins are efficient, not cluttered in terms of the GUI, and diverse.

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For some quality adlib/FM chip sound, I recommend VOPM by Sam. It’s a faithful emulation of the Yamaha YM2151 chip:
http://www.geocities…VOPM/index.html (sorry, japanese only)

Lots of presets to get things started: http://www.kvraudio…s=list&what=228

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on the FreeStuff page
its a wobbly bass type synth for dubstep /dnb …
also produces plenty of other sounds with a bit of tweaking, includes presets

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Granulator VST effect
Native on Linux and Windows

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Hey guys… found this surfing at work… kinda handy and defintly has some that have already been mentioned but yeah… anyway here it is =D



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MassTURBOtar - I’m really in love…
grANALiser - good grain FX

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Me too, this thing rocks, and sounds great! :w00t:

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My first impression was that it was another simple (what many) two osc synth with one filter and one LFO. Section of oscillators rocks. Morphing function of all parameters including the shape of the oscillator is what makes this synth very, very creative piece of software. Today I found Trancedrive…of-trancedrive/:

  • 3 main oscillators - each main oscillator supports 6 waveforms: sine, saw, triangle, pulse, saw7, cry - the waveform “saw7″ is a supersaw with 7 detunable sub oscillators - the waveform “cry” is an experimental waveform, it is built up with several hardsynced saws - main oscillator 2 has an additional unisono mode, when it is enabled, the whole oscillator triples its voice and the voices can be detuned from each other - the oscillators can be chained (osc1 to osc2 and osc2 to osc3) using FM, PM and sync, these 3 options can also be used at the same time - seperate noise oscillator - 3 LFOs, each supports 5 waveforms: sine, saw, triangle, pulse, sample and hold - the LFOs can be synchronized to the host tempo or run free at a specific frequency - each LFO can control multiple parameters of each OSC, you can even assign several LFOs to the same parameter - LFO1 can control the filter cutoff - 2 Envelope generators (Mod & Amp) with variable shapes - the modulation envelope can control multiple parameters of each OSC, and it can also be mixed with the LFOs. Additionally it can control the filter cutoff - 3 types of filters: lowpass, highpass and bandpass - each filter type can be set to 6dB, 12dB, 18dB and 24dB steepness - 9 effects, and they can be used at the same time: gater, chorus, phaser, flanger, distortion, delay, reverb, equalizer, stereo-effects - each of the unused parts of the synth is shown with less contrast, so you can focus on the active parts - the output of the synth can be clipped to avoid overdriving noise. The clipping is done with a soft limiter, that can be used to compress the whole synth sound (just enable clip and turn up the main volume)

Trancedrive seems to be another synthesizer which like a lot but I recommend to move “shape” while playing note on single oscylator to see how changing the shape of waves generated by the oscillator block. A powerful tool that can be one of the main reasons synthesizers of the many onboard effects and sound quality oscillators.

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tal have released the new noisemaker vst

its awesome