Recommended Freeware Vst-plugins

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…hmmm nice! gunna try this out when I get home… Awesome that it has a x64 for a freesynth!


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Used to use filterbank by Wok a lot( )
only its is synthedit so/and it sucks cpu(don’t know if thats synthedit is the cause), now trying not to use it, or just 1 a track.

Things i like to use are:

All TAL fx + synth

Sq8l synthesizer

xoxos effect+synth



bootsy stuff, specially epicverb

edit:also using voxengo plugins a lot, their free stuff sound so nice i might buy some of their fx stuff, also they have a latency compensation plugin i use alot, because some(most) plugin doesnt seem to report latency, it works great.

really too much to mention, i think you cant have enough flavour to choose from(i have about 750 fx vst says the renoise screen :o ), but then you have to watch out not to drown everything in it :lol:

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linux-renoise-puredata, would be all thats needed. If i was smart enough:-)

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not sure if this has been posted before but this is a nice effect:

Klanglabs Backman

rewinds the input sound in realtime. its basicly one fader for blending from forward to backward play. pretty usefull for livejamming.

they have a couple of other plugins as well that i havn’t checked yet…

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I hadn’t spotted these posts before. Cheers guys! :D

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Something for Linux users. Copypasted straight from KVR:

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I like Chrystal ;)

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Eveything that sounds good

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Here is my take on it (my most used ones):

Shortcircuit 1.1.2 (I mainly used that for drums, before Renoise)
SFZ (mainly for SF2)

Synth 1 (subtractive)
TAL Noisemaker (subtractive, great for basslines, there is also a Linux port!)
INTRO (wavetable, great for leads, pads)
Minimogue (VA and LUXUS)
TAL Baseline
MDA VSTi (mainly the Piano, Linux version available!)

Fishfilets (mostly BLOCKFISH, but also SPITFISH)
Kjaerhus Classic (especially the Chorus)

That’s it for now, I might have missed some, so I might edit this post later again.

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i confirm glitch and stretch by you are in my top 10!!!

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Woaaa!! this is beyond awesome

Thank you so much! :lol:

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a delayed u r welcome!!! :)

I hadn’t seen this post b4, u r welcome!! :walkman:

edited because i can’t write proper sentences!!

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looks cool, downloading it now. they also have oscilloscope which looks pretty cool as well. thanks man!

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ymVST hasn’t been mentioned i think, a free VSTi based on Atari sounds:

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Discovered these earlier today;

this one’s a demo but sounds great;

ive used 1.0 and loved it, 2.0 even more;

Also a demo, fully functional monophonic, though, with a step seq too;

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Is there an easy VST synth like Synth1, that grants you the posibility to make automationenvelopes of some kind?

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7 Inch Nails, the mega gabber kick distortion freeware plugin.

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I think this is one of the best free amp sims ive come across over the years. Its an Engl Powerball emulation. I use an Engl Thunder50 live and have been trying to get a close approximation for practicing and writing at home.

This is also the tightest free impulse response pack ive found too, (and is also very like the marshall cab im using) with a ton of different mic types and distances etc.
[[you have to give an email address to get a link code, but i did it and everything seems safe enough]]

(tells you what the filenames mean regarding mic positions)

If you havnt got it, get Boogex to load up your impulse response file of choice.
[[Tip: Voxengo is a nice sounding guitar amp in its own right, but to disable the built-in amp sim, just turn the “Tone”, “Drive”, Dynamics" and “Phase” all the way down.

Then Fucking Shred Till Your Fingers Fucking Bleed!!!