Recommended Freeware Vst-plugins

(ffx) #121

Klanghelm IVGI Tube Saturation, Freeware, Win / OSX:

(TanookiMonk) #122

This synth is amazing !!!

(TanookiMonk) #123

A chiptune monster !!!

(ffx) #124

Soundhack now (?) seem to have released a lot of their plugins for Mac OSX 32/64 bit Intel for free!

Very cool stuff. Check dat out!

EDIT: Wow, phasor, compand and pitchdelay are very nice.

(Dysnomia) #125

Great free little echo plugin with frequency shifter, can get pretty crazy :slight_smile:

Also check out his priced reverb and delay plugins, they are stunning for the money ($50 each)

(TheBellows) #126

I’m not shure if these have been previously mentioned, but i’m a bit surprised if they’re not, because this guy makes some quite amazing free VST’s:

(Akiz) #127

Absolutely, Nova-67p is amazing and his other plugins as well too.

(Akiz) #128

A chiptune monster !!!

Thats amazing. Very interesting resaults i am getting.

(TheBellows) #129

‘P/Nes’ is that pun intended?

(Akiz) #130

One of the best free reverbs out there!

(ffx) #131
One of the best free reverbs out there!

A pity there are no OSX builds. It’s quite simple to port a vst plug in that uses a cross platform gui library.

(robohymn) #132

Something pretty cool for people who have the ReaPlugs (in particular ReaJS) installed – a new JS plugin called Super8, which is basically a quick and dirty MIDI-triggered multi-sampler/looper device. See here for small tutorial:

Lots of potential in Renoise, I think, though it does sort of double Renoise’s resampling abilities. Ton of fun in Reaper, will post some details about workflow etc once I’ve messed about with it more in Renoise.

(anttimaatteri) #133

I totally recommend this stuff as eq/compressor/limiter combo :

(for one of the best infos on how to handle compression limiting or eq-ing, give this channel a try:

Nova67p / TDR Nova



hard to beat by commercial software and i even consider about buying the gentleman editions from tdr

some plugins from voxengo recommended too:

Voxengo SPAN

Marvel GEQ

Overtone GEQ

(Haqq) #134

U-He Beatzille: Lighter version of Bazille

(Parasonic) #135

i dont have monitors at all, so its a game changer for me.

(TheBellows) #136

I recently started usingVoxengo OldSkoolVerb and i’m quite surprised how good it sounds, it sound sweet on almost anything and better than any of the other free verbs i have tried or so it seems at this point.

definately worth checking out:

(trueschool) #137

Surprised not to see any love for Helm Synth! Great open source cross platform synth.

(magickz) #138

is this guy cpu friendly? :slight_smile: Hm, maybe I will try it.

(magickz) #139

I just found it a minute ago and did not try yet. But, the video demo already looks interesting, and there are still onlytwo days left to get it for free. For Mac and Windows:

Here another impressive demo:



It would be silly not to take this gift in time. Download here:

(magickz) #140

Via the last tutorial video for Minifilter V I also found this:

FREE until 31Dec: Stereo Width MSW1 by SoundSpot AAX, VST, AU