Recommended Freeware Vst-plugins

(theflowerpeople) #101

Vladislav Goncharov


Great sounding plugs for those who are interested… Both are FREE.

Features of the “Molot” Compressor:

Switchable sigmoid attack curve.
Smooth saturation.
Mid-scoop EQ for simple tonal balance fix.
Built-in limiter for peaks suppressing.
Up to 8x oversampling.
Mono Stereo M/S Operable
English Available

Inspired by several well-known references, like the Neve 33609, the Tube-Tech CL 1B and the Fairchild 670.

(TanookiMonk) #102


This is by far one of the greatest free synth available for free !

Download :

This community provide a lot of great free pluginsyou just have to register to be able to download them !

This is the feature list :

Now we have released an update for the TMSS Vsti with following details:

  • New design with some readout displays for the top buttons
  • New LFO Sync function
  • New Vibrato function
  • New variable Pitch Bend function
  • New more patches
  • Delay was deleated
  • Low CPU usage

and here the complete list…

  • 3 OSC - Two Main OSC and one SUB-OSC - switchable in seven
    Waveforms ; all of them are working with a new fatness
    technology for a thick and bright sound! The SUB OSC is slaved from OSC 1.
    Tunings for OSC Mix and 2 x PW, OSC OCTAVES CONTROL in 3
    Steps: +1, 0, -1. SUB OSC ON/OFF
  • MONO ON/OFF - Switch
  • LFO switchable to seven waveforms; Tunings for Rate and MOD
    Depth; switchable to 2 destinations: Filter Cutoff and PWM,
    Tempo-sync switchable
  • 2 ADSR - Envelopes - VCA and VCF
  • Filter Section with an 9-step Multifilter: LP1, LP2 HP1, HP2,
    Moog, LP with Resonance, HP with Resonace, Bandpass with
    Resonance and Band Reject with Resonance. Tunings for Cutoff
    and Resonance.
  • FX - Section with Chorus, Tunings for Rate and Mix
  • Pitchbend Range Button, tuneable from 0 to 12 semitones
  • Vibrato with tuning for Depth, could be used with the MOD Wheel on an external Keyboard
  • Main Volume Tuning
  • Display for Octave Tuning, Monomode, Pitchbend Range, LFO
    Destination, LFO Waveform and LFO Mode
  • All Controls on the panel with MIDI-Learn-Function!
  • Windows only, but not tested with Win7 64bit!
  • Tested on Energy XT, Cubase, Reaper, Mulab
  • Works perfectly with the BCR2000 Midi Controller

(Sepix) #103

registering on that site and waiting for approval is highly annoying.

(TanookiMonk) #104

Yes i admit the easiest way is to register using Facebook

(vV) #105

A new C64 synth plugin:

It has some nice features.

(EatMe) #106


lowering the total number of voices will help in decreasing CPU usage which is quite heavy with this plugin.
you can create beatiful electronic plucks and pads with this synthesizer.

The MauSynth synthesizer is free/donationware by Pekka Kauppila and comes in Win32/64 VSTi .dll format here

(Akiz) #107

(RANSOM) #108

Superb EQ by Tokyo Dawn Labs x VOS x Vladg collab - SLICKEQ. Its 32/64 win/mac mastering grade EQ for free.

(RANSOM) #109

same thing. absolutely superb.

(Carbonthief) #110

I’ve been using LePou and Fretted Synth plugins for a while now for guitar amp modeling, and I decided today I needed 64 bit plugins (because I have 7 guitar tracks in this song and I keep crashing the audio engine) and so my search began, and I found this:

Pretty good. The clean tones you can get out of these sound really, really good. Not the greatest for metal rhythm if you just use it straight up on one track, but I think I can make it happen with layered tracks.

(midi error) #111

A nice little bundle here


(Hardock) #112

Eventide is giving away a 64 bit channel strip: the UltraChannel

Micro Pitch from the H8000
Stereo Delays
FlexiPath allows drag and drop reordering the signal path of the top section
5-band Parametric EQ
O-Pressor - the compressor section from the Omnipressor with sidechain
Compressor with sidechain and de-essing
Soft Saturation
Transformer emulation
Gate with sidechain

To my blunt ears it sounds great,
it can realy change a sound,
lots of useful presets.

The offer getting it for free is only
available until the 8th of July.


  • You need to register and install iLok manager (but it’s all free and no dongle required)
  • Loud noises can happen when changing presets (better use a limiter after this plugin!)

Access code: 0F736710

(Carbonthief) #113

Ok so Ignite Amps put out a new free amp sim, Emissary:

And it is really good. Really good. No seriously this is the best amp sim I’ve ever used.

(RANSOM) #114

Another free gem from vladg/sound is Nova-67P.

(Awentekr) #115

I’m really loving the Green Oak - Crystal synth right now, it takes a while to get used to but you can get some amazing sounds out of it.

(SebP) #116

Btw, the new Wok timestretch plugins , there’s 4 that’s a package and cheap but Stretcha is free. For extreme timestretching, drones, it’s amazing. The manual setting is really cool. It freezes. I love it. Check it out.

and the Presswerk compressor.

(abique) #117

Could you setup the sidechain for presswerk in renoise?

(ffx) #118

A new(?) freebie cross platform (win/mac) chorus by acon digital:

Seems to be some kind of unison maker effect…

(Meef Chaloin) #119

Indeed, Tunefish is amazing.

(ffx) #120

A1 Trigger Gate, Win / OSX: