Recommended Studio Headphones

So I bought now an ATH-M50X, very happy with it (thanks @TNT) and also sold all my shitty, over-expensive Beyerdynamics. So now I am looking for a second really good studio headphones in the range of 100-250 Euro. Any suggestions for me?

I am pretty lost now about what vendor and model I should choose. I only know what I do not like:

  • Highpassed lows
  • Compressed lows
  • Beyerdynamics, and other German brands (too much “hightech” electronics fixing the sound)
  • Lack of “airness” (due compression/limitation or so)
  • Predetermined breaking points

Thanks for help.

PS: I discussed a bit on the topic with a friend, and we concluded that your ear and head size, so the pressure on your ears matter extremely for the sound. I found it funny that I mostly agree with the measurements on while my friend trusts in innerfidelity headphone measurements. Maybe Innerfidelity is using another head dummy than rtings simply, and the head dummy of rtings matches more my head :smile:

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Superlux HD668B maybe? These are cheap, but I like them a lot. I also have AKG 271 MKII (no bass), DT880, and many more. I heard good things about Audeze and Hifiman, but the Audeze are around 1000€.

Hm, I am searching for one with flat bass response. Max is 250€ for me.

Still the old Sennheiser HD 25 , if you`re lucky enough to get one.

I love my Philips Fidelio X2HR and to a lesser extent my AKG K550 MK1. Both have a relatively neutral bass response, the main difference between them is Open vs Closed back. The Philips have really detailed highs which sound very open. The K550 have a really accurate mid range. Both sound fantastic.

Thanks for your suggestions! I think still nothing I am looking for though… I think the AKG K371 fits more the profile. Also a bluetooth version incl. mic, why not?