[Reconstruction] Lost Years - I Wanna Fly Away (midierror remix)

Remade this song on a totally new vibe.


Any thoughts/comments/feedback appreciated

Deep and relaxing. Is it made just by renoise or did you used other plugins also?

Cheers! It`s all Renoise, with native FX, plus: dx7, TS12 and vl-1.
and a smattering of TAL Dubdelay

JBBroadcast on the master

Bass is quite boomy (probably too much low mids/upper bass range) and it pulses a bit too much (could have less dynamics). I like the dark and compact vibe you have going. Loved the little vocal fills. I wasn’t fan of the lead sounds you introduce in the 2nd half. Both sound selection and melodies weren’t what I imagined to come. I’d go for a more subtle tone just like the ambience you have in the first moments.

Overall it’s pretty nice and could be great with some little tweaks here and there. My 2 cents