record audio out while jamming.

Hi guys. I was wondering if it were possible to stream audio to a wav file while say… jamming on a step sequencer…

I can;t use an external audio program as renoise seems to lock that output up, so is this doable?

yes, put this vst on the master output if you have a pc:

I would of thought he wants to record only the external instrument, correct?

Put a Line In device on a track and record or record from the sample Editor.

Often setting Renoise to Limit to Stereo Only in preferences can help with some of these matters, but only if you have more than a single stereo input. Other option is to open the external editor first but again this will rely on you having at least multiple virtual output (eg the Echo cards I have used have 4 pairs of output which can be seen by software and these get mixed to a single physical output.)


The full output of renoise as I was jamming on the launchpad step sequencer.

Ideal! Thanks!

i do this with my soundcard - a motu ultralite mk3. it has a seperate return stereo channel which sums the entire audio stream in/out of the card. i open up the sample recorder, set it to stereo return, hit record, and jam away.

I have this possibility on my soundcard as well, its called DirectWirer and allows me to patch the outputs of various sound driver systems to inputs of others.

I’m interested in this as well. Anyone know of a mac/osx solution?


Although slightly different, but it should allow you to get the output of Renoise to a standard wave recorder of some sort (or even another instance of Renoise.)

here’s to hoping that renoise will eventually have “record-what-u-hear” without vat / au solutions, soundflower / jack solutions.

I’m also hoping for this.

You have…

i don’t have a dat

This guy made a VST that capture the audio of a track, named Capture!, here, and download

Put it on your master track, and voila !