Record automation in multiple tracks at the same time

Is there a way to do that?
I got an AKAI midimix, I assigned the controllers to several parameters in renoise but I can only record automation on the track the cursor is located.
Is it possible to record automation into multiple tracks?

yep, works here. I’ve hooked up a midi controller and midi mapped different parameters from different vst spread across multiple tracks using ctrl+m midi learn option. Then when I hit record and press play, tweaking the mapped knobs will either record the automation data in the corresponding pattern editor tracks as command values or inside the automation editor lanes depending on the icon setting.

Not familiar with the akai midi mix though, perhaps it is a limitation in the unit? How are you mapping the controller right now?

Are you sure?
In multiple tracks?


have you tried ctrl+m? Hit a slider with a mouse click & twist a know on your controller, repeat the process for a couple of devices spread across different tracks.

Also, where are you expecting to see the recorded automation, inside the pattern editor or in the automation editor? Check this icon;

I think I understand your misunderstanding, with multiple tracks, you mean multiple note columns inside the same track? I don’t think that is possible when recording straight to the pattern editor. That said, I never record straight into the pattern editor.

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Yes, you got it!
Thank you so much, I’m a happier renoise user right now :slight_smile: