Record Automation "Live"

Hi everyone , i’m a new user and i’m still using the demo version.

I’ve got a problem and i’ve not still found a solution

I have got a novation MkII and i use automap . It seems to work very well, but i can’t understand if i can or i can’t record any parametere whithout using the mouse.

Sorry for my bad english =)

Assign your controllers to an automation device ( press midi learn )

More info here:

OK thak you all for the replyes =)
But this don’t fix my problem beacause i don’t use a regular midi controller , but i use an Automap controller and my plugins also are all in an automap version and i don’t have to use a midilearn funcion because all vst parameters are alrealdy mapped to my Novation SlmkII.
With the “renoise automation device” i can easly see that the parameters change both in Vst interface,Automap client and Renoise, but the question is : “how i can record in Renoise the phisical movement of a knob or a fader whithout using the mouse” ?

for Eg. in Cubase is Easy : before done the right configuration , you have to click the W (write automation) botton in the plugin window, press PLAY and move the controller’s knobs and cubase write all the automation in a dedicate track !

But Cubase is not renoise and i really love trackers !!! =D

Thank you ! =)

You probably need a MIDI CC device then and broadcast MIDI CC messages to your automap controller… can it be assigned as a MIDI instrument?

In theory , novation have done the “AUTOMAP MIDI” . It is a part of the driver created to fix problems like this , beacuse automap don’t really use the CC , but the sysex ! Infact it need to create a copt of the Vst called ****automap.dll. to work like a DAW !

Ableton live, for Eg, work using the automap midi mode…
But i can’t find a solution in Renoise, cause the automap midi mode seems that don’t work

If you need sysex, that is currently not supported by Renoise. I know other users pulled that off by using MIDI-OX to translate CC messages to sysex and then pass that to the device, i don’t know if that works time-efficient though.

Yeah, i know it’s a strange problem =)

I’ ve read the manual and i find another way… If you load the automation device and click with the right button on a parameter and ove it , the movement will be write in the automation sequence… But this seems to eork joust if you use the mouse and i would like a key not for one, bou for all the automable parameters (and don’t be chianed to the mouse) :(