Record Automation With Automap


I have bought a novation remote sl 25 and i am working on the automap thing.I set up a template and i tried torecord some automations with the automap mode inside renoise.Moving a fader sends a command to the sequencer that is recorded but after i push play it doesn’t change anything in the vst ?

Can anyone help me understand what i do wrong ?

Anyone ?

Can anyone is this forum tell me something about this ?

Hmmm…I don’t know if this topic can help you?…c=16925&hl=

I can also try to borrow a novation remote from a friend of mine? Been wanting to try that for a while anyway, the automap software is certainly an interesting concept.

I am sitting with a Nocturn unit right now, and it’s working. I’m recording parameter movements through the MIDI interface part of the automap software. But I had to do these mappings manually, in order to record automation data…This is because the automap mapping are not normal midi mappings, and not recognized by the sequencer as such. You have to work in MIDI mode in order to record movements.

Perform these steps to get MIDI CC’s up and running (you just need to do this once):
1: Configure automap server to use “Automap MIDI” as MIDI output
2: Select/enable a MIDI channel (1) that you want to work with
3: Now, the automap software should have created a CC user bank - select this bank
4: In Renoise, make sure “Automap MIDI” is selected as a midi input
5: See if Renoise “midi status” (at the top right of the screen) is flashing when you turn a dial - if so, you are ready to map parameters, just like a normal MIDI controller.

I guess you could say that the automap software is great for improvising - you have almost instant access to any parameter within any plugin, which is awesome. Also, I like the fact that I can leave Renoise running in “record mode”, without having to worry that my parameter tweaking are recorded - unless I really want them to (switching to user CCs).

But still, the extra bit of work was kinda unexpected. With a bit of hacker skills, perhaps it’s possible to automatically convert “automaps” into “CC maps”?
Edit: l33t skills isn’t required, I just converted an “automap” into “CC map”, and it took about one minute using a text editor.