Record Each Sample To Different Track?

Hi there,

I was wondering: How can I have a sample stick to just one track?
I want to play and record 3 samples at the same time (drums). Sample1 should be recorded to Track1, Sample2 to Track2 and Sample3 to Track3. By default, everything is recorded into one column (Track1).

What to do?

Currently dedicated assignments of samples to tracks is not possible.

If you really need dedication per track, then for instance create a new instrument for sample 2 and copy sample2 into slot 00 of that instrument and redo the same procedure for sample 3. Then record instrument1 on track 1, record instrument2 on track 2 and instrument3 on track 3.

But how can these three different instruments then be played and recorded at the same time? It seems to me that I can only have one instrument active at a time.


They can. Multi-input audio interfaces do exist you know.

Although I haven’t played with Renoise’s recording I would hope you can have more than one line-in device and thus record from more than one input at a time if that is what you wish to do.

Doh! That’s what happens when you come from reading a thread about multi-take recording, change thread, get distracted and comment on something completely irrelevant.

Well why break the habit of a lifetime!

But no, closest you can do to that is creating a keyboard split and then you are still recording into the same track. Is somewhere a filter by note Advanced Edit (or Script) would come in handy if advancements aren’t on the horizon directly.

Well, then I don’t understand how to record drums (from edrums or pads) into Renoise. If they end up on one and the same track, then further mixing is not possible.
Or maybe I did not make myself clear: All I want is to have different midi input notes go to different tracks. I guess the weird thing in Renoise is that a pattern is stuck to a track. What you do in other sequencers is to have one track with the midi item which holds all notes, but then this midi item plays an instrument which outputs to different mixer channels.


No reason somebody couldn’t make an offline one right now. You would “just” have to know how to parse the xml song data (as you would for a live script anyway) a take notes from chosen track number and move them to another track.

Of course song would have to be saved and it would be done outside of Renoise but still may be quicker than clicking and dragging through many tracks and patterns.

Afraid I would personally really know where to start though…

Thanks for all the answers.

I was actually looking for something to compose in, but I am afraid that Renoise is not what I am looking for. Too bad, it looked promising.


No problem, but don’t worry, Renoise will remain in development, it might offer something this way in the future.
I hope you don’t need to spend too much time to find a workable answer.

I think it’s funny that after all the exposre renoise gets , al lot of new people try it out, soon to realize it doesn’t fit their bill.
Rennoise , stick with it , learn it and gain ’ DA POWER ’

Well, I guess the problem is that Renoise (as all trackers) seem to be all about MIDI, while they are actually not. Then, when people want to use normal MIDI stuff (like im my case using my MIDI input devices in a “normal” way) they realize that trackers are a very different approach to making music. It is an even more offline approaech (i.e. less live, more programmed) than other sequencers.