Record In Multiple Tracks In The Same Take

I’ve got some pad controler. i want to record the kick (C4) in the kicks tracks, the snare (C#4) in the snare tracks and both ghost note (D4 D#4)in ghost note tracks
Of course i can assign each particular instrument in a particular tracks. in fact it’ll work but the result will be a song there is so hard to read ans understand i’ll not usable anymore
I would be nice if we can specify for each take in wich tracks every note is recorded.
Perhaps somebody can do a script that will cut/paste note into the good tracks (i’m no lua expert so i don’t know if it’s difficult)
This would be usefull for a lot of thing : like recordings left hand to the bass track and right hand the lead track like in a midi keyboard split

Do you think it’ll be usefull ?

If your controler can transmit each pad on diffirent MIDI channel then you can do this.

that could be a way to deal with it
what would kick ass would be a lua script that would automaticly put the good note in the good track : don’t know if it’s possible as i’m no lua coders

If you’ll give each instrumet/sample diffirent MIDI channel, set device to your controller and assign to tracks, all that in MIDI Input properties. Next reprogram your pad controller to send each pad different MIDI channel, then you can record pads into diffirent tracks all at once. You don’t need script for that.

thank you so much : you made my day :yeah: