Record Incoming Midi Ccs Into Automation Lanes Instead Of Pattern

It would be great to have the ability to record MIDI controllers straight into automation lanes instead of limited pattern commands.

Incoming data is in high resolution and recording it only to pattern commands is useless in most cases (and only latest CC gets recorded per line). Having to set up MIDI meta-device, mapping incoming controllers to it, disabling recording MIDI CCs in Renoise settings and only then pressing “rec” gets a bit tedious.

I would like a button to switch between automation and pattern commands recording for MIDI CCs so that Renoise would create automation lane for each incoming MIDI CC (without manual midi mapping just to play and record virtual instrument).

I must bumb this, current way of handling incoming CCs is broken:

  • when “record into automation lanes” is enabled CC values are recorded as pattern commands, not as automation lanes
  • CCs that are mapped to MIDI control meta-device are not recorded in full resolution, instead they’re clipped to one per line

but most importantly:

  • when recording midimapped CC value to a line Renoise will read and set it to previous value periodically (= refreshing it even when new data is coming in causing sudden jumps and stuttering in controller values)
  • when recording midimapped CC curve during playback Renoise will read and set existing values (same as above), creating stutter and ruining the controller recording as only previously empty lines are set properly

Incoming data should override existing data when recording, not the other way around. If this is for some reason wanted behaviour then alternative should exist (bulldozing previous data at current time when recording or some such). Manually selecting and deleting bad controller recordings is cumbersome.

I too would like to have a choice between CC-to-pattern and CC-to-automation.

both ways are useful. i’d opt for a choice between the 2:)