Record Midi > 3 Knobs At Once

Hi there, I’m getting to know Massive vst and Ive got 8 knobs assigned to the macro control knobs.
Now I want to record 3 of them at once at a certain point but if I turn two knobs at the same time they will both be recorded in the same effect track instead of both in sepparate tracks.
How can I record these in seperate tracks? (or in the envelope)


Each knob or fader controller on an effect module can be attached to a MIDI controller which has its own MIDI CC signal, you link these effect knobs to MIDI knobs individually, not to tracks.
If you want to control an effect knob on another track, you need to add the same effect to another track and assign a MIDI controller to one of the effect controllers in that specific track.

Edit:If you are assigning controllers to an Automate device that is linked to a VSTI that you use in two tracks, this currently does not work out as Multi-OUT VST plugins are not supported yet in Renoise.

i could be wrong, but i believe you misunderstood what he was getting at…

i think he was asking (and i would actually like to know as i have never come across this yet) about actually recording the midi data to the pattern editor. you can hit record and move a knob on you controller and it will record to a specific line (or many) in the pattern editor. but what happens if you turn multiple knobs at the same time on the exact same line? will the data be overwritten by the last knob to be turned? or is it possible for renoise to “hear” multiple incoming midi cc messages and write each message to a seperate effects column in the SAME track? that way midi messages falling on the same line would both get recorded rather than one being written over?

again, i haven’t even tried this and i’m away from my midi controller right now, so i don’t even know, i’m just kinda writing BS here and there…

also i think it would be wicked if there was some way to record directly to the automation envelopes. turn a knob and draw a pattern as it goes…

YES, THATS what I mean.
I mean, its all fun with the knobs but when it comes to recording I cant even record in more than one effect track, the envelope wont even work :(
I want to control the cutoff, routing and motion all at once but I cant even get two to work at the same time.

Even after I tought I’d just record them one by one I didnt succeed, wherever I click everything will be recorded in the same effect track.

How can this be done? I really need it for a track of mine :(

I just figured out that if I put the start information of some parameters (cutoff and motion in this case) in the second and third effect collumn of the track they will not be read either…
…after the intro (wich is all I have atm) is finished and the song starts again from pattern 1 the parameters I put down in the second and third collumn of track 1 are ignored and just stay the same as the end of the last track.

Well, actually don’t know if that supposed to be a bug or not.
The default when using pattern effect commands in particular is: that you can only trigger MIDI controls for one instrument per track because the effect column values are affecting the whole track. The instrument number must be set in the last notecolumn of that track to have the midi effect commands being applied to that instrument inside that track.

You are better off in this case to assign your controls to automatable sliders and in case of VST instrument plugins, you need an Automate device to link to that plugin.
Though i also never tested if turning three controllers at the same time will ever simultaneously trigger three different modules on one midi channel inside Renoise however, you can automate three different MIDI or VSTi plugin parameters at the same time whereas this is utterly cumbersome with pattern effect commands.
They are usually for quick alter and oldskool compatability purposes only.

Ohh shit :P
I didnt knew I could automate them via the *MIDI-CC Device, thats awesome! :D
You guys really tought about everything!
Yet this is another topic that shows how much of a n00b I am :blush: