Record Midi Noteoffs Always On

It would be useful to be able to turn it off, IMHO. To record drums, for example, you might not want it. It kinda looks cleaner, too.

I’m sure midi recording will get refined in the future, tho. I’ll make a thread about some features.

on the same topic, it would be good to have a per-instrument option like this one (in the instrument settings).

As you may have noticed, indeed, MIDI noteoffs are not recorded when using sample-based RNI’s (i.e.: no MIDI, no VSTi).
This is fine, but it’s not really what you would want 100% of the times.

Yes, I’ve also suggested this and I’ll remind about it in a new FR thread.

Huh? I don’t have a midi keyboard at hand, but when I tried now recording with my comp keyboard the noteoffs were recorded. Using samples/RNIs. (edit: except if I hit the key very fast or something… then there’s a chance of noteoff not being recorded.)