Record mode entering strange note information

Hi. All of a sudden when I hit record the track I’m recording into starts populating with loads of delay, panning and instrument numbers. Even if I hit record and don’t touch anything on my keyboard but just let the song play it keeps adding in all this stuff.

Are you using a midi controller?I had a similar problems when my m audio midi keyboard was sending random messages to Renoise.

In settings you can have Renoise filter out certain MIDI CC values. Filtering out CC10 removes the panning parameter I believe. I had the same problem, so I know it can be done!

More values:

I am. It’s a really old m-audio e keys evolution one.
I thought it could be something like that.
I’ve been using it ok in FL Studio but I guess it will behave differently in renoise.
I’ve tested it without keyboard plugged in and seems fine. Although annoyingly when I plug keyboard back in its also fine. I’ll keep monitoring I guess. I have a spare keyboard so I can check with that too.

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Thanks dude I suspect it might be my midi keyboard going haywire but I will test that too.