Record Note Off Shortcut.

Hi there!

Is there a shortcut for toggling the ‘record note OFF’ function? If not, I would like to suggest that that should be implemented. When I’m recording diffrent kinds of instruments I have to change it a lot. When I’m recording drums with my drumpads I dont want note OFFs but when I’m recording the piano piece next to it I do need that. I’m getting tired of clicking to that preference tab :P

I hope its already possible and I’m just a lousy functionfinder (or something)


There is no shortcut for it, but you can disable it here:


Yeah it’s not really a ‘preference’, more like instrument behaviour. But apparently I’m the only one switching between instruments alot and recording them ‘live’. :P

i’ll promise you, one of the newer updates will have something nice for you in this regard one day.
(Whenever that day comes)

And WHEN that day comes, I will cherish that moment, that moment I use that function for the very first time, for the rest of my entire life.