Record notes plugin via OP-Z midi echo

Record notes Chordjam via OP-Z midi echo:

  1. load Chordjam in [slot01]
  2. Set midi routing in plugin tab [slot01] to [slot02]
  3. load VST in [slot02]
  4. select “OP-Z” in “output device” in [slot02]
  5. select “OP-Z” in “input device” in [slot03]
  6. in [slot03] set “assigned track” to record midi to track-xxx
  7. when armed, Chordjam output notes will be recorded to “assigned track” with no delay


  • I this case is use Chordjam, but any note generator plugin can be used
  • Be sure that the midi in & out + midi echo is enabled on the OP-Z
  • with “slot” I mean instrument slot
  • track-xxx is desired track to record notes to, it can also be set to “current track”