Record Sample Into New Sample Slot?

This is no biggie, but when I use the “Render Selection To Sample” feature, it creates a new instrument, instead of a new sample slot. While this can also be useful at times, I mostly need to record into a new sample slot in an existing instrument.

And while I’m on that topic, is it really true that you can’t transfer samples between instruments by using drag and drop? The only way I can do this is by going to the sample, cutting the waveform, making a new sample slot in the target instrument and then pasting the waveform there. Again, this is sort of inconvenient when you have to do it many times.

Renoise has to put it somewhere and to be sure it isn’t overwriting anything it picks a new instrument for it.
Not being able to drag the sample into other instruments also is being discussed in this Beta.
You could try to fumble with the next beta, i thought to remember Taktik responded positively to this question, but i can’t quickly find the particular response (2.7 has a massive amount of suggestion and ideas topic amount this time).

Couldn’t it just check to see if the sample slot is empty? And thank, I’ll try out the new beta soon :).