Record Samples From Vst(i) Plugins

  • I would like to know if it is possible to record a sample in “Sample Editor” using a VST Instrument Properties ? If else, to add an option allowing to do it, no ?


If this is what you meanted: You can use the Render to Sample option to record a VST instrument into the sample editor. You have to trigger a note in a track for that and the render to sample option will then render the area that you marked with your mouse (start /end area in the pattern) including the used track effects for that track.

Or use Highlife from DiscoDSP

it, can freeze VSTi’s

yo ViZiON, RTFM!

Hi ! RTFM ? What’s means ?

Cool and thank you for “HIGHLIFE”, I don’t know and it can be useful for making WAV ou XRNI pack compo :slight_smile:

I will try it later when I will have more free time :wink: Today, I beta-test “Renoise 2” (I am a registered user “OLDSCHOOL”). Furthermore, I am testing +1000 VST(i) Plugins (Free, Sharewares, Demos…) for Renoise 2.



Read The F*cking Manual :rolleyes:

No need to be too harsh on new users.
And such suggestions would help a lot better with added links as well if you don’t intent to add the answer yourself.

Maybe not, and I’m generally not :slight_smile: ,…though… this dude was making quadrillion threads (now mostly merged in one) all with questions he could have formulated better in one thread (in the beginners questions forum), search the forum for or at least look in the help files. Basically any reasonable internet user would know it come across as trolling. Thats what I took him for, also seeing a post from another user asking to ban him, I guess I was not the only one questioning the posting ethics :0)

Four years isn’t that new a member. It makes me think he should know better. Perhaps he’s just back on it from a hiatus though…

Another highly recommended commercial vsti/hardware/sample converter solution is Extreme Sample Convertor.
It supports XRNI and XRNS directly.

It takes a Frenchman some time to be able to read English…

But ofcourse, it also takes a hell lot of a time before he really understands it ;)