Record Track Output In Sample Editor

Hi all!

is there any chance to record the output of a track as a sample in an instrument?

Right now i’m using a vst to record wave files outside Renoise and then i import them browsing in my hd. It would be really nice to have the work done directly in Renoise… i use a lot of processing with some effects i made in Reaktor and it would really improve my workflow

who is with me?


Select everything in track, right click, select “Render Selection To Sample”

Always been possible if you are registered (since I started using anyway) Are you trying to get around the Demo limitations?

yeah i know about the rendering option but i usually tweak a lot of parameters in real time while recording (and this is not possible with the render to instrument option)

I would like to open the record sample dialog and have as options not just the physical audio card inputs but the output of a single track so i can record in real time what i’m tweaking and then edit the recorded material in the sample editor

Right now i use a vst called tapeit or something… but it records wave files outside Renoise… it would be great to stay focused only in Renoise

I have found myself needing this. It could be a great thing for live recording.

Just route the track to some output other than the master, say 3/4, and then record using the sample editor, select an input of your soundcard where you get the signal from the track you routed to 3/4. Basically connect the 3/4 outs to the 3/4 ins of your soundcard and record… do whatever you like in real time and record it.

That depends on if the soundcard of the user can handle this.
And it also depends on what platform Renoise is ran on. Most soundcard drivers for Windows 7 are polished Windows vista drivers and aren’t exactly working out too well there even when these options you mention are natively available for the soundcard with the driver.

with "Basically connect the 3/4 outs to the 3/4 ins of your soundcard and record… " do you mean to do this with an external cable ?

If the answer is yes, i’m really bumping my request ! :slight_smile:

No i think he means internal wiring of your soundcards outputs to its inputs.
The more expensive soundcards support internal sampling of the wave-out or allow you to reroute specific outputs back to specific inputs.
This way you can internally send your audio signals to your input devices either within Renoise or even to another audio application that does the recording for you.

But reading your answer, i guess your soundcard doesn’t support this option.

Actually most cheap, gaming and onboard soundcards allow recording “what you hear.” Where many expensive ones allow you to route any (virtual) Output to any, multiple physical outputs they often don’t allow the looping back in. Although obviously some do.

mmm… i think i’m going to check if it’s possible on my soundcard

anyway do you guys think it would be complex to implement such feature? (dunno maybe via scripting…)

Let me know what do you think

Thank you

+1 such a feature would be great! Tweak effects/vsts/whatever live and record it directly in the sample editor, just like the old dub producers.

ok , i’ve found a workaround with the internal routing of my audio card ( e-mu 1212m)

Anyway it would be a nice feature for users who cannot route their soundcard input/output

Thank you for the tips :rolleyes: