Record Vst?

hello all

is there a way to record the note`s in renoise if i am change it in realtime
from a vst instrument like a appargio and i going to make a acid tune
by changin the cuttof and resonance ?

are is there some whan how`s now a great acid plugin

greeting dr.badvibes

Hi dr.badvibes

You can do this with a VST automate device found under meta devices in the track fx list. There is an explanation about halfway down this page:

thanks a lot m8 you realy help me out of this probleem
its a great program

but do any whan now a great acid plugin how not so big that my cpu i going over the top?

greeting dr.badvibes

Most people seem to recomend AudioRealism Bassline. Just checked their website and not seen the Pro version before, the standard one is based around a 303:

Also had the Muon Tau recomended before so might be worth checking:

or you use any VSTi for the sound and then any VSTfx for the filtering.
personally I use the Crayon Filter, great freeware filter plugin, screams quite nasty.

Or record the plugin’s output to a sample-slot (render to sample) and temporary mute the track playing the vsti plugin.