Recorded sample Numbers

This is a very specific problem. I’m rendering a tonne of audio, and I’d like the recorded sample numbers to reflect the pattern, using render to sample.

I’ve just started a new project and its carrying on the recorded sample numbers from my last session (Recorded Sample 135)

Is there a way to reset this back to 1 ??

Possible to write a script that renders the pattern then renames the created instrument to the current pattern number?

Not sure about this statement. Selecting ‘New’ from the file menu resets the render index counter here? If you were to select ‘Delete All Patterns’ and/or ‘Delete All Instruments’ it wouldn’t though?

If you have the song saved, if you were to open the Song.xml file packaged in the XRNS you will find (near the beginning of the file) an XML entry line that reads:


[Where xxx is the index counter number]
Modify that line to read:


thanks for the info, no need to write a script - i just wondered why it doesnt reset and how to reset it