Recording A Live Take?

Hi all,

I’m a brand new renoise user; I’ve got the pattern matrix linked up to my controller and am having a bunch of fun playing and remixing the demo songs. I’m wondering if there is a way to record a live take? 

I’m new at this too. It looks like you employ the sample editor to do a live audio take.

If there is a more traditional method for recording audio (hopefully that is what you’re asking about here), i’d be interested in knowing about it.

What i’ve done up to this point, is to record in the sample editor, then edit the sample a bit, then trigger it as needed in the tracker.

if you have another audio-program(live,cubase,logic)you could rewire it,and record it to any of those programs

Lol, s-n-s are you going to pay for those shit progs simply to record stuff you do in Renoise? :rolleyes:

With Audacity (FREE) you can record output of your pc. :)

I’m a brand new renoise user to ;)
I use for the screen and simply audacity to rec the audio
a exemple: YouTube
hope it helps

Oh okay, so there is no real way to record an arrangement inside of renoise, via triggering patters in the matrix?


Try silverspike’s tapeit 1 (free) on your master channel.

[quote=“vincentvc, post:4, topic:28054”]
Lol, s-n-s are you going to pay for those shit progs simply to record stuff you do in Renoise? :rolleyes:

actually yes vinnie the poob i have paid for my version of live :rolleyes: back at you :blink:

Never stated you haven’t. But would you suggest people to buy it just so they can record outgoing audio? :P

I guess you’re talking about recording “everything”, so you can play it back, but as notes being triggered - not a sampled recording?

Well…Renoise is basically still a linear sequencer, and what you’re doing when you play around with an existing song (jumping in the timeline, turning things on and off etc.) is basically non-linear in nature.
However, recording improvised and rendered sounds, and then pulling the audio back into Renoise for further sequencing is a pretty established workflow. Also, try making many cloned patterns, map everything to controllers and record it?

thats not what i said now was it :guitar: