Recording a note OFF delay in the pattern editor

I’d like to record a Note OFF at the same line as a note trigger, but with a delay, in order to have a shorter-than-one-line trigger.
Is it possible to do that without cranking up the LPB to 8, 16, 32 or even higher for very short notes?
Note that I don’t want a volume cut (as is obtained with the CXX sample command) but a note OFF with the same behaviour as any other note-OFF

Pattern Jump could help.

For example, on pattern 01:
C-4 – -- ZB00

And on pattern 02, line 00:
[ Note Off ]

Tested using a pitch envelope with sustain, seems to do it.


that’s a great workaround.

This is possible in milkytracker (OP request)

i’ve made a post about it as well

Nice, but then if I understand correctly, you can only do this by creating a new pattern?

Suppose that some re-organization would be required to retro-fit an existing song.
Not so bad i guess, thank you for sharing the idea, it creates a nice effect. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to using the pattern jump more; used it alot in FT2,
but just now discovered it in Renoise thanks to your question.

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Obviously it’s impossible to have a note and a Note-Off on the same line, but you can put the note on the previous line and use the delay column to play it as late as possible. Then just delay the Note-Off by what you need.


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Tested this using the Qxx form of delay and with six ticks per line;
unfortunately it did not work, seemed the note off could not be
delayed using the Qxx command.

Tried the following, but got no sound at all even
though should have played a couple ticks:

C-4 – -- Q07
[OFF] – -- Q03

Thanks for sharing the delay column method! :slight_smile:

For me, pattern jump is not a viable alternative.

I also use this technique as a workaround sometimes. But it’s not usable in all situations. Would really like a proper way to do this - like negative delay or the Kxx effect command dspasic proposed.