Recording a sample live in Renoise or Redux


I am interested in using Renoise or Redux to sample from a line input, and to trigger starting and stopping of the recording programmatically or through a MIDI binding. What I am ultimately trying to do is to bind a button I can press on my Launchpad S to the act of recording and stopping recording a sample for a new instrument.

I am willing to consider using Renoise with the Lua API, Native Renoise MIDI mapping, or Redux used in another DAW that somehow instructs the VST to be recording when I trigger it from a MIDI device. It is important that I should not have to change anything in the GUI for the recording to be triggered.

From the cursory research I’ve done so far, it seems that this is impossible. Have I missed any clever hacks like using OSC to interface with something in Renoise that I can’t use with via the normal API, or using some unconventional routing of track FX? Please let me know if you have any clever or crazy ideas for how to achieve this.

Can’t you midi map to the Start button inside the Record window? If you can’t, the issue is with your launchpad.

Alternatively with the Lua API you can toggle recording while the Record window is open with

In both solutions you have to have the Record window open afaik, but you can do anything in the main window.

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