Recording A Song Into Separate Tracks - No Master Effects

When you want to record a song with “save each track into a separate file” with the render dialog, it will not use the master track effects on the tracks. It probably to have the volume, but not the effects. I understand that people might want to render their tracks without the master effect, but there are situations when you want the master effect to be included as well. So I think there should be a button with “enable master track effects” on it in the render dialog when rendering tracks to separate files.

For now you can solo each track and render the whole song to have master effects included (a boring way of course).

The same thing was discussed for render to sample earlier here, maybe it should include render to separate tracks too if ever implemented.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve done. It’d be a nice feature, well, I think it’s a kinda necessary option, actually.

This option we could add had to do exactly the same thing: Soloing one channel after the other, then rendering/running the whole song to save it. That would not really save that much time IMHO.

it would be nice if theres was an option,where it could save a little more time to get this done.i dont know one unfortunatly

The only quicker way is to copy the master effects onto each track and then render with the separate tracks.
This does makes the processing a little slower as it has spend more CPU resources for the same kludge of effects on each track.

It is either that idea or render one by one.

If that’s the only way it might become very time consuming, yet it can be good for render to sample of course.