Recording audio from several line-ins in realtime with Renoise 2.7.2


I´ve been using Renoise since a while ago and sadly had to start using Ableton again because I could´t find a way to record audio from three different line-ins mixed into an audio track in realtime. In ableton it´s very easy to do, but I really don´t like Ableton!!
I wish I could do this with Renoise 2.7.2

Thanks =D

I haven’t tried this yet, but I think this is how you would do it:

On an empty track, create line inputs for every input you want.

Then go to the Sample Recorder, and set the FX to the track that has your inputs.

Then when you record, it should pick up all those inputs. Make sure that you aren’t doubling up inputs by having the same ‘master’ input also in the track DSPs.

Hope this helps!

It’s not possible in Renoise at the moment without summing the three tracks to the stereo in that Renoise has available.

you can try this with Voxengo Recorder vst, but i`m pretty sure this isnt a simple task.

You can choose any input in the line-in device if these are made available to Renoise as input.
Whether this will being recorded fluently in the sample recorder i can’t tell (considering all three line in devices will be put on the same track as you can only record the fx from one track).

That is for output, not input. At least this plug won’t help in Renoise.

wait a min, i guess i can put that recorder vst on multiple channels after line in device and just record whatever i want.

Yeah but why? or you don’t have a registered copy of Renoise?

several line ins at once he said.

p.s. also, yeah im obsessed with voxengos shit, but everytime i start to mention this plugin someone is gonna ask me THAT QUESTION - DONT U HAVE REGD COPY OF RENOISE???
Damn yes, i love the soft - i buy it. Thats simple. Even if im from russia, where we download megauberzillion tonns of warez it doesnt means were all thiefs.
Sorry, i`m just pissed with that question.

Don’t take it too personally, i was just wondering because Voxengo, though great stuff, the plugin (at least the copy i have here) renders 16 bit audio quality maximum, which does not really have my preference.

mine renders up to 96 khz 24 bit

nah thats ok )

plugin can render 9624

Been away for a while but… Wow, how many answers!! Thanks everybody :)

Veggies thanks a lot, I did like you said and yes, I can route several line-ins just how you told, but it doesn´t seem control the audio from these tracks properly.

The thing is I use a midi controller to adjust volume/pan mute/solo on each line-in in realtime.
Is it possible to route the audio output of each line-in track to the new track (the one to record from) so I can adjust parameters like I explained?

Essentially it´s using Renoise like an audio mixer in order to record what its heard into an audio track.

Thanks a lot!!

Atarix, by the way, I was going to give Voxengo Recorder a try, but it´s not available for Mac :(

Anyhow, thank you for the info, man! :)

The option i see is to use an external recorder and let it record while using Renoise.
Extract the parts you want and edit the samples in Renoise.
Not the most convenient solution, but should do the job i think.

Bellows, that´s exactly what I use to do in order to record audio from Renoise.
I route Soundflower through Audio Recorder. ;)