Recording Audio In Renoise ?

hi :)

Just playing around with demo to get some inspiration for composition (never used a tracker before).

I use a Midi synth in my setup.

In other “conventional” host sequencer DAWs, I can route the synth input of my soundcard to a sequencer track in order to record live / bounce down the midi synth part(s).

Obviously Renoise is not a traditional sequencer in this respect - I can’t find a way of doing this in Renoise (although I have successfully played the synth within 60secs if launching the program, so I must be doing something right !).

Is this situation just a fundamental part of the Tracker nature of Renoise ?



In Renoise you have to set the recording device prior to selecting the source-device in the sample editor.


Just recorded a quick piano break - worked great !

How is Renoise for dealing with very large samples ie. that might occur with a bounce down from long midi sequence or VSTi part ?

it depends in how this matters for you.
Renoise records as is, including audioquirks.
If you want to render output with VSTI’s then audio-rendering using VST compatible mode is the best option to prevent your output from containing quircks, clicks, pops or buffer suppletion problems.
You can however not render to audio and recording your MIDI hardware at the same time, first record your external audio, mix it within your song and then render the whole slew as one file.

OK - thanks again