Recording Automation Of Vstis


I would like to record the movement I do with the mouse on some cutoff filter in a VSTi. I already added an instrument automation meta device and selected the cutoff parameter. But the movement is not recorded, I can only draw a automation curve with the mouse.

Now I have the following questions:

  1. How do I record cutoff changes directly into the automation curve?
  2. Can I also record automation/cutuff to pattern fx commands?
  3. Do I always have to add an instrument autiomation meta device first or will this be added automatically if I move some vst gui slider?



1.+2. Ok didn’t read the I have to use right mouse button hold down for recording… But how can I record movements in a vst gui?

You can’t, you have to use an Automation Device.

as movements made in VST(i) GUIs can’t be recorded there is no such option to automatically generate any meta device upon dialing any VST knobs.

Thanks for the info. Maybe it’s time for a feature request :)