Recording Automation Using Novation Remote 25 Mkii

I bought a lovely Novation sl 25mkii which I’ve been eyeing up for ages.

I fired up automap 3 pro and started a track with Nexus (Auomap) AU (im on MacBookPro).
Knocked out a few arps and was tweaking like a boss.

Laid down the notes, then hit right shift and started tweaking a fader for the filer cutoff aaaaand nothing.

The Nexus cutoff changes - but no automation is recorded. So I tried right clicking the cutoff knob using the mouse and dragging it - still not automation got recorded.

I’m doing something dumb here but I can’t see what. Help please.


Hmmm im not experienced in this matter. Yet i think u should try to use in track DSP “*instr. Midi Control”, and map knob for cutoff there and it should be recording.

Is pattern following turned on?

I haven’t tried this yet but it makes sense. I just ‘assumed’ that tweaking a control in a vsti whilst pattern record(with pattern follow turned on) would record the movement to automation envelope(which is the option selected).

Have I just misunderstood how it should work? If I haven’t then could this be an issue because the vsti’s are using the Automap wrapper?

Does anyone on here use Automap with their plugins and has automation working?

VSTi can not be automated directly!

Once you have set up your Automation Device you can record from its sliders using the Right Mouse Button (not left-click) with Edit Mode and Pattern Follow on. Not from directly inside the VSTi.

Or do you mean you’ve done all that? Using Renoise’s MIDI Mapping? Because if using Duplex I didn’t think it was able to record…

Unsure but I got the idea Renoise and Novation’s Automap were not the best of friends and generally Novation controllers are being used in standard mode with Renoise…

Since VSTi plug-ins are not limited to a single track in Renoise, we do not automatically associate their parameters with a single track either. Renoise does not currently record the parameter changes coming from the plug-in itself, because most of the time it would difficult to know where (ie. which track in Renoise) those changes should actually be recorded.

So for the moment you just need to use the Instrument Automation meta device. Add the device to the track you want your automations to be recorded to, then link the Renoise sliders to the VSTi parameters you’re interesting in controlling, and then MIDI Map the Renoise sliders to your Remote 25 SL.

I have a Remote 25 SL myself. Renoise does not directly support Automap (but I personally don’t find that I need it anyway).

I would have thought the track selected in Renoise would be the target for the plug-in automation. That way you could have separate note tracks from automation tracks. It would be down to the user to make sure the correct track was selected when they were recording automation. A 1:1 mapping from plug-in to selected track. I understand that the meta device makes it more flexible, but that’s overkill imo - I don’t need to use Renoise to control more than one plug-in at once from one controller.

I am MASSIVELY gutted that this doesn’t work out of the box this way. Avoiding having to setup meta devices and mappings is the reason I bought the Remote25 in the first place. Now that I know Renoise puts all these obstacles in the way of me just nailing what I am creating without arsing around - I’m really really gutted.

Automap works great in Renoise fwiw. Is it possible to get this feature on the list to be voted on or can I donate to get it implemented or something? I could see both ways of the automation working working fine together - you use this way or the meta device way.

Gutted :( :(

You already can. You can put the Automation device in any track you want, doesn’t have to be where your notes are.

Nothing to do with flexibility. Imagine you made a Reaktor patch with 200 different parameters which could be Automated. Where would these be displayed? In which track? All of them in every single track there is as notes can go anywhere? Do you not think that would be more than a little bit messy!?

So instead you use a device to select a choice few of these parameters and which track you are going to run your automation from. Nice and simple!

I’m not saying this way of working isn’t valid - but it is overkill. How many tracks have you written where you needed to alter 200 parameters for one vst at any one time in all honesty.

Surely the goal is streamlined workflow in Renoise. To me, that’s to have the automation record direct to the pattern you have selected.

If the plug-in offers up 200 parameters then so be it, but it only needs to record automation for the parameters that are changing in record mode in the pattern I am currently selected upon (or more realistically in a seperate envelope for each parameter - then its clean - one graph per parameter).

The automation device has its purpose - but its counter productive to ‘just getting it done’. The less time I have to spend arsing around mapping and setting up and learning knobs to faders to graphs - the better!!

What about people who do not RECORD automation but program it in by hand? Where are they meant to find it? How is Renoise meant to know which ones to offer you in which tracks unless you specifically tell it?

I think you’ll find that was exactly my point! The VSTi may have in the realm of hundreds of different parameters but it’s very rare the 14 offered you by an Automation Device wont be able to address all you are usually likely to need, and in the rare circumstances it doesn’t turn out to be enough you can add further devices.

But please give us an alternative as to how it can work when any instrument can go on any track, you need to be able to program automation as well as record and need to be able to access it both from automation curves and pattern commands. I bet you can not come up with anything that makes any more sense than the current method!

I thought I already had - an alternate ‘simpler’ way, not a replacement - so turning fx by hand is still possible(this is how I normally work but wanted to speed up my writing by using automap).

So record the automation to the track that is focused from the plugin that is currently selected. Only record the automation controllers that changes when record is active. Picking out which controllers are changing shouldn’t be too hard - then just create or update an envelope in the currently selected track for that controller.
What’s so wrong with that?

This is academic anyway as from dblues post I got the impression that everyone else bar me is fine with the way it works.

I was having the same issue moments ago and while it could be nice to have automap working, mapping the parameters with midi learn isn’t really too much of a hassle, it takes just seconds and you can automate away all you want :)
I love how clean it looks.

edit: i think the problem is that automap doesn’t send midi messages, if we can make it send them it will work, i’m trying to figure out how… automap really sucks :)