Recording Dsp Chain

I’ve just recently finished off a major song using B5, with a good deal of recorded vocals using the amazing autosync sample recorder. But I’m noticing some practical issues that some artists will come up against.

Not having a great deal of outboard gear I use VST effects to help me monitor my vocal take while performing (while I do have a preamp and decent mics). So I might use a chain in order of a light compressor, other effects and maybe a touch of verb or delay. This helps my performance. But, when the take is recorded, all those dsp sounds are in the sample. This, in some cases, may be desirable, but others not. For example, if I wanted a different compression ratio on “the take” then I cannot go back into the sample and undo or change it. I’m sure many artists would feel that they would prefer something “plain” to be recorded so they can modify parameters later on.

A possible solution to this, if the community nominates this a real problem, is to have some sort of option in the record panel of being able to monitor via a dsp chain, but at the same time not have the chain modify the recorded result. In effect the “monitor chain” could be a send-track, while the main recored data can go down raw into the sampler.

Until some sort of solution comes along for this I might have to get creative with my outboard gear and wire up double-signal paths so I can get comfortable monitoring for decent perfomances.

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Haha, yeah, I was about to ask the same thing, but now I know how to solve it. :)