Recording Effects Changes During Song.

I have read the manual, I do apologise as I find it a bit confusing…how does one record the effects changes in a track…ie, for two bars I have chorus on, next two chorus off…ie, gradual filter swells through a few bars to the complete opening of filter. I have tried to figure it out to no avail…any help would be greatly appreciated…Thank you:)

you mean automation?

Is that it? So with this I can have effects on or off…or even switch between effects settings during the song? The way it is described in the link you gave me seems quite complex and unclear to me…I know to you it is natural as you spend much of your time on computers and this program etc…I just started a few weeks ago! Not really that familiar with pcs either! Thanks for your help!

a fast way to switch an effect on/off is to rightclick the on-off button (in the image below, the “V” on the left of Filter2):

this will add to the track the corresponding command (which basically is xF00/xF01 for off/on, where x is the ordinal number of the effect to switch in its DSP chain)

I’ve found this, and variations of it are the quickest way to deal with having an effect parameter that changes throughout the song.

I think this is the same thing It-Alien was talking about, but also, if you click on ANY slider in the Track DSPs section (which is where effects appear) there will be a little text blurb that pops up in the lower left that tells you what the command is for that particular adjustment of whatever effect you’re using. So basically, adjust the effect where you want it for that point in the song, enter the corresponding “number” into the sequencer, and off you go.