Recording External Audio (Line-In)

I have Renoise sequencing my Access Virus Indigo via MIDI. I have the audio outputs of the Virus hooked up to my Motu Traveler firewire soundcard. I would like to capture the audio from the Virus using the Traveler while Renoise is controlling the Virus via MIDI. Is there any way to do this, please?

Currently tried: One Renoise “MIDI instrument” sequencing the Virus, with a “Line-in Device” returning the Virus analog audio outputs from the Motu Traveler soundcard into Renoise, but it doesn’t play/record the Virus’ audio when I go to “Render Song To Disk”.

I just want to bounce the audio from the Virus into Renoise as it is sequenced (played in realtime).

I have Renoise v2.1 (licenced from v1.2).



Render song to disk doesn’t work no.
But the sample editor still should have audio-recording support. If you have selected the correct line-in device in the preferences, you can then also record your line in live while playing the song.
Use the sync start/stop pattern mode to allow starting the line-in recording on the next pattern (you could add an empty a count-in pattern in the sequence list)
Afterwards perhaps cut the pre-silence from the sample and then simply align it with the rest of the song by triggering it in the first pattern from where you want to start playing it.
From there on you can render your song to disk.