Recording From Synthesizers


I’ve been using Renoise for a while now, and I want to start making music seriously, but before I can, I have a few issues I need to sort out.

I was wondering if anyone could help me find a way to record audio output from a synthesizer (in my case a Korg R3) I am sequencing via Renoise.

The way I’ve tried to do this in the past is by using a USB cable to connect my synthesizer and my computer, then sequencing and/or setting things up in Renoise, then feeding the line out on my keyboard to my computer, then recording this using a program called Amadeus (similar to Audacity). The idea would be to then import this into Renoise as a .wav file.

I’m running Renoise 2.1 on an Intel MBP with 2 GB’s of RAM running OSX 10.5.8.

When I set my gear up like this, and then try to record it, I get a fuzzy, white-noise effect layered over the top of whatever I’m recording.

Everyone I’ve spoken to says to use a different DAW and buy an audio interface. I really like Renoise (don’t want to give it up), and although I’m going to need an interface at some point, if there’s an easier way to do this, I’ll do it.

Thanks for your help!

I’ve never tried myself because I have no hardware synths, anyway the manual says this:

I have a DSI evolver, I do use an external audio card, but I sample everything directly from Renoise audio recorder.
1- I set up a new midi instrument (if you want to play it from renoise elase skip to point 5)
2- Program a pattern
3- open the sample recorder, select the track where your pattern is
4- tick the option to sync stsrt and stop to pattern
5- start recording
6- edit the sample to remove the extra space/delay caused by latency