Recording hardware synths

so i connect my hardware synth blofeld keys
add line input to track
midi input / blofeld
midi output /blofeld
play some notes in edit as i want
then record in sampler
delete track once edited
then add recorded edites sample on new track
is this the best way to record my hardware synth ?
im really not interested in vsts atm cheers

Don’t know how I would determine the “best” for anyone but myself.

Here’s what I typically do:

I use an AKAI keyboard, so that’s MIDI in.
I have a few hardware synths, all set to different channels
I have instruments set up that send MIDI to channels 1 to 5 (as my MIDI splitter only has 5 outputs : ) )

I play/edit a melody using the AKAI into Renoise and out to one or another synth. I twiddle with notes until I’m reasonably happy. I then have Renoise play what I have out to the synth. I route the audio out of the synth back into my PC and capture with the Renoise sampler.

Often I will manipulate the synth as the notes are played. I usually loop it and grab several measures of whatever as I change settings on the synth.

I also typically record the same pattern using different synth voices, so I can blend them together later.

Once I’m done with the note editing and recording I usually delete the notes and replace them with sliced and mixed samples. Sometimes I save the notes on some muted track if I think I may what to, say, record a variation of it, either to mic with the first version or as a motif variation later in a piece.

Whatever I do, I always end up with way more samples then get used : )

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cheers man yeah i only have the one hardware synth
a waldorf blofeld keys :slightly_smiling_face: its a good one though thanks for the advice

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