Recording In Renoise

I’ve got two ideas for the recording screen:

  1. A possibility to record both dry and wet signals (leaving us with two separate samples
    once the recording stops.)

  2. A possibility (while recording longer audio clips) to make Renoise cut the sample and create anew when pattern changes. This way it would be a dream to work with long audio + you could easily record one eg. guitar riff multiple times and choose the best one out of several separate audio files. To further this idea, it would be wise if you could choose at which point Renoise cuts the recording (which row, which pattern etc.)

Just got this idea and couldn’t find such suggested before. Would be totally tits. Or is it just me?


Now that I really think about this… I’d seriously pay for the 2nd feature. It would solve so many problems + allow me to really record all my long recordings with Renoise. As long as it keeps things in sync.

Furthermore, if Renoise had user definable custom sample offsets, it could simply insert an offset at each pattern break… that way it wouldn’t NEED to chop the sample up :P

yes yes! i really like the idea of both of these :)

As I am new to the Messege Boards here…and this is my first post…

I have been a user of Renoise for about 3 months now. I used the Demo up untill yesterday when I finally bought it. Man, what a great program. I love Renoise. It has replaced Reason 4 and FLstudio 5 for me. I love the speed and the way you program you music in. And the Flexibility!!! My god. Great peace of software this it. I am glad I paid my 85 bones for this…

Anyways…To my point.

I would love option 2. That is a great Idea. Becouse I like to use a bit of guitar, I find it would help me alot. And the whole “recording a bunch of lines and then picking and choosing which ver. you like better” idea is great.

anyways. yeah. Wooo hooo Renoise!!! :drummer:

I totally agree with Byte! More flexible samplehandling alltogether for the win!

Yes, this would be nice as well. I tend to like swapping samples and using the offset is something I rarely do nowadays, but yeah it’s all for teh win!