Recording into Renoise.

So I just bought a Roland Gaia Sh-01, and I was wondering if there’s a way for me to record straight into Renoise, sort of like how you can with Logic or other DAW’s? I have an interface and everything needed, and I have recorded with it in logic, but with Renoise the only thing I’ve been able to do with the synth is use it as a midi controller. Thanks!

Use the line input device

Thanks for the reply! I’m able to record samples now, but I’m noticing a bit of delay when I hit notes. Would you know how to fix this?

Does setting the latency mode inside the line-in device to “midi return” help?

I’ve tried that out but I still notice a bit of a delay :(

The latency that is compensated for should be the audio card its input latency unless it does not report it or does not report it correctly.
I’m not familiar with your audio gear that you use. If you use ASIO, what is the minimum input delay that you can set your audio device to?

I’m not using ASIO, i’m just using DirectSound I think haha (Totally new to all of this). Anyway do you mean the minimum latency I can have it set at? If so I can bring it down to 5ms. Hopefully I’m sort of on the right page. Also I’m using a Steinberg CI 1 interface. Sorry if I’m on a completely different page here.

No i really mean input latency. For Directsound you can only set the output latency and the input latency timing correction is not guaranteed / dynamic.

If you have registered your copy of Renoise i would recommend you to use ASIO in this regard:
You might want to try to use Asio4All if your audiocard doesn’t have own ASIO drivers but does allow ASIO4All, it might offer you some tighter input timings as well.
But Asio4All also is a generic ASIO driver and does not warrant precise timings for every soundcard it is applied to either.

Best advise is to use an audio interface that allows ASIO. Otherwise manually cutting out undetected delays from the start of each recorded sample is your only option.