Recording Midi Automation Into Envelope, Not Pattern

Another newbie question I’m afraid.

Just wondering if it’s possible to record incoming CC data etc into the Automation envelope for a track? Even if I switch on the “Record DSP sliders into envelope” button in the toolbar, it doesn’t seem to affect slider movements done on hardware. They always go to the track’s effect column.

I’m also slightly confused about how this data is stored in the pattern. If recording a fader sweep, and then hitting Ctrl-Z repeatedly, it becomes apparent that there are many values stored per pattern line. I’m guessing it records with higher resolution than the lines per beat, but only shows the last value for that slot? How can I view or edit the intermediate values?

Depending on which controller you are actually using, if you map the controller to the slider first using midi mapping (ctrl+m, then click slider then move your controller for learn), then it should record the movement in the automation window only.
Controllers like pitchbend are always recorded into the pattern editor as the pitchbend has no “cc” value in general midi language.
You can however use the MIDI control device and assign a different controller to the “pitchbend” function and then record this controller action to the fader of the Midi control device that processes the pitchbend.…omation_Devices

Renoise does not store more data on one line than you can see. That you see more values during undo is because through midi, one is capable of sending a lot of messages to Renoise during the processing of that one line, but only the last value is kept (what you see is what you get). That you have to undo through a lot of values that aren’t relevant is an unfortunate thing in Renoise and it has been requested quite a few times to remove such recording “takes” in one undo action. It is a bit hard to fix this problem as the “undo” mechanism either has to rely on the fact that values are inserted manually one by one or multiple values have been inserted during a certain amount of time. Both types of editing are done so Renoise cannot anticipate what is actually the case.

Ofcourse with recorded automation values, this problem does not occur and ctsl-z simply undoes the whole automation take. Once you get the hand of mapping midi controllers and making the automation benefit to your use, you can simply forget about recording midi into the pattern effect column.

OK, thanks a lot for the quick reply. That explains it beautifully.

It’s a slider on an external Alesis Micron synth that I want to automate. Sure, I figured I could use MIDI CC Device to map the control (or another control on my BCR2000 USB controller perhaps) to itself so to speak but it seemed a roundabout way to go about it.

So am I right in assuming that Renoise can’t record automation with higher resolution than LPB? Even in the automation envelope, the points snap to grid lines. Would I need to use a high LPB to record hi-res automation?

That currently sums it all up yes. Until pattern zooming is possible, which would hopefully also include recording parameters on 256 positions within one line.
The delay column is one of the precautions in the road to pattern zooming.